My Humanities Montana Program

For a nominal fee, non-profits like libraries, schools and museums can sponsor my program on early Yellowstone travel. Contact me if you’re interested. Here’s the official description.

Sidesaddles and Geysers: Women’s Adventures in Early Yellowstone
M. Mark Miller, independent scholar—Bozeman

In the nineteenth century hundreds of women risked being mauled by a bear, or scalded in a geyser, or captured by an Indian to see the wonders of Yellowstone Park—and lived to tell their stories. Bozeman scholar Miller presents the very best of these travelers’ tales selected from his collection of more than 200 first-person accounts of Yellowstone travel. He covers the period between 1872 when the park was established through the Model T era in the 1920s. Yellowstone Park changed dramatically in this period and the presentations describe how developments such as roads, railroads, and hotels altered “The Yellowstone Experience.” Miller places travelers’ experiences in context with biographical information, bringing the women’s stories to life in the women’s own words and illustrating them with historic photos.