Encounter in Yellowstone

In Progress

Encounters in Yellowstone

In 1877  Nez Perce Indians refused to be herded onto a tiny reservation and left their homelands in Idaho and Washington hoping to make a new life with friendly tribes in the buffalo country of Montana. When the Army attacked their sleeping village on the Banks of the Big Hole River, the Nez Perce repulsed their enemies and fled leaving 83 dead, mostly women and children. To avoid white settlements they made their way through the wilderness of Yellowstone Park. The chiefs tried to avoid contact with whites, but hot headed young warriors shot a man in the head and captured two young women. Later they killed a music teacher while he stood in the doorway of a remote cabin. Based on first-person accounts by the Indians, tourists and soldiers who lived those terrifying experiences, Encounters in Yellowstone, will tell the story of the Nez Perce’ doomed flight through America’s most beloved national park.

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