Adventures in Yellowstone

Adventures in Yellowstone


Gripping first-person accounts of the early years of America’s most cherished national park.

After its establishment in 1872, Yellowstone National Park was sufficiently famous that a surprising number of people risked bear maulings, Indian attacks, and geyser burns just to glimpse its wonders. Many of those who survived wrote about their adventures. The best of those stories are collected here, in Adventures in Yellowstone.

From Osborne Russell’s colorful early accounts of the daily lives of mountain men in the 1840s to a story by Eleanor Corthell, who in 1903 took her seven children on a two-month, 1,200-mile tour of the park by wagon, each story opens a new window on a long-overlooked aspect of our nation’s history.


Reader Reviews of Adventures in Yellowstone:

“Miller takes those interested in Yellowstone’s history on a captivating tour through the eyes of some of the earliest records from white Americans visiting the region. Those who saw Burns documentary will recognize the story of the Washburn Expedition and Truman Everts’ 37 perilous days; if that’s enough for you, stick to the documentary. For the rest of us, Miller abbreviates 12 fascinating accounts into an anthology of stories that made me rethink Yellowstone.”  — Ronald W. Sitton.

“So interesting even my husband (who does not read) picks it up!” — SEB

“Adventures in Yellowstone is a fascinating account of how Yellowstone was discovered, documented, and enjoyed by the earliest travelers to the area. Anyone who has spent time in the great outdoors will appreciate the stories of discovery, and be amazed by the hardships encountered and overcome. The stories of the first women travelers to the area are fascinating, and for this female adventurer, inspiring. A must read for all who apreciate our beautiful national parks, especially the unique treasure that is Yellowstone.” — Patricia N. Chism

“”Great book, early visitors to Yellowstone. This is a must read if you’re going to visit Yellowstone National Park. — Gene Leckness

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