cropped-new-banner-2I admit it. I routinely check the Amazon sales ranking on all three of my books. I know it doesn’t mean much, but it does provide a feel for how things are going.

When I checked this afternoon all three of my books were hovering around the one hundred thousand mark. That doesn’t sound great so I prefer to convert it to a percentage. Amazon lists about 33 million titles, so I figure all of my books are in the top 3 percent. That sounds a lot better.

As near as I can tell, the hundred thousand mark means that a book is selling one or two copies a week, so I’m not making enough to buy the cool Tesla Model S I’ve be coveting. Still I’m glad to know that things could be worse.

If you’re considering a trip to Yellowstone, or if you know someone who is, or you just want to read some great stories about travel there, I hope you’ll consider buying my books:

  • Adventures in Yellowstone: A dozen classic tales about people and events you’ll hear about when you visit the Park.
  • The Stories of YellowstoneSeventy-two brief stories you can read around the evening camp fire, or while you’re traveling between sights.
  • Macon’s Perfect ShotA realistic novel about a boy’s trip to Yellowstone Park in the 1870s. Written for middle grades, but an enjoyable story for anyone.

I’ll be glad if you buy them. And I think you’ll be glad too.