November 17, Helena: I’ll be hosting a table for “Great Conversations,” a fundraiser sponsored by the Helena Education Foundation.  My job will be to lead a dinner conversation (scintillating, I hope) with seven people who want to talk about early travel to Yellowstone Park.  I’ll get a free dinner, an opportunity to talk about a topic I love, and the satisfaction of contributing to Helena schools.

February 17, Bozeman: I’ll be making a presentation for the Fine Arts Series of the Montana State University College of Art and Architecture. My title will be “Bozeman to Wonderland: Early Trips to Yellowstone Park.”  In addition to talking about the explorers who first documented Yellowstone’s wonders, I’ll tell about Bozeman women who arranged for cavalry to escort them to the park through Indian country and rode sidesaddle through the wilderness.

Meanwhile,  Ivan Doig says on his website, writer at work.